How To Play Roulette For Money Techniques To Easily Make 500 Baht Every Day


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Various betting games Available in online casinos Many games can make money easily. If we know the technique Basic strategy How to play. Reduce the risk. And know how to overcome oneself Of course, everything requires practice and expertise. Gambling also We don’t need to be good at every game. Because we didn’t play the show But play for your own fun And create extra income only For today, we will look at roulette game techniques to earn money. What to do? You can earn 500 baht per day every day. There are 3 easy techniques to follow.

1. Set goals to win yourself
The first thing is to set a goal that after reaching 500 baht must stop playing immediately. And go to play again tomorrow Which many people can’t do. After getting 500 baht, keep playing Until finally having to pay all funds You have to overcome yourself. When you reach 500 baht, you must quit immediately.

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2. Bet Set of 12, Dozen Roulette Formulas
Roulette has a variety of betting styles. And many things have a payout rate of more than 1 to 1, allowing us to make money more easily We will look at the betting in the form of row betting as in the picture.

In this picture, we can see that We place bets on the middle row (2nd12) and the high row (3rd12) by placing all bets in equal numbers. For example, placing a bet of 50 baht each, if the number 14 which is in the row (2nd12), we will receive a prize of 100 baht, the sum of 50 baht to 150 baht and losing the money (3rd12) of 50 baht, meaning that we have a profit of 50 baht. But if the numbers 1 – 12 are in the 1st12 row, we will lose all the bets, that is, lose 100 baht. Placing this bet is very easy to play. And have an easy chance Gives us a 70% chance of making money. Many players bet in this format And set a target of 500 baht, most of which will be invested at 1,000 baht and stabbed 500 baht per line. When correct, will get 500 baht immediately

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3. Formulas for betting with 3 numbers
In total, we bet 10 lines of 100 baht per line, equal to investing 1,000 baht. If we correctly guess one row, we will receive a prize of 1,200 baht, with a total capital equal to a profit of 200 baht. Will lose if the number is 7/8 / 9. / 28/29/30 and the number 0, the chances of us losing is very small. From the 2 types of bets that we have offered The easiest way to make money is to invest a lot. And place a target bet of 500 baht for playing just 1 time or 2 times only Because even though we have a very small chance of losing money But anything can happen. Therefore, must win your own heart to get enough 500 baht must immediately stop playing